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Welcome the the website for the award winning feature film "unREAL."

Written & Directed by Sloan Copeland

Starring Michael Giese, Amber Ryan, 
Kate Forsatz, Jessica Morales, Brad Schmidt & David M. Zuber

Produced by David Bornstein, Sloan Copeland, Joey Schmit, Greg Wiercinski, and David M. Zuber for SELF CONSCiOUS ENTERTAINMENT

In the style of "The Real World", this uproarious romantic comedy captures the heartache of breaking up and the thrill of being single in such a genuine and honest way that it should be the official handbook on starting over. Six individual camera crews follow the new "exes" of three recently broken up Manhattan couples as they are re-released into the wild that is the New York City single scene. With results varying from hilarious to heartwarming and everything in between, UNREAL offers a voyeuristic ride straight through the heart of 21st century romance.

"Six New Yorkers (played in part by Michael Giese, Amber Ryan and Jessi Morales) grapple their way through an urban landscape riddled with broken relationships and single men and women looking for a soft place to fall in an edgy city. Filmed to resemble a documentary, "Unreal" attempts to distill the heartache and challenges that confront both sexes when they find their relationships unraveling and they must once again face life alone." 

- indieWIRE

"What happens to New Yorkers when they are suddenly freed from the shackles of a longstanding relationship and are thrown into the cutthroat singles scene? Writer/director Sloan Copeland suggests a few possible outcomes in the uproarious comedy UNREAL. As three couples break up, Copeland follows the six newly single people as they attempt to get their romantic lives back on track by plunging headlong into New York's dating merry-go-round. The results are both amusing and poignant, with Copeland expertly capturing the heady mixture of frustration and jubilation all the participants feel." 

- Pop Matters

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